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The Service Quality Department
Executive Offices
1063 Todos Santos Station
Concord, CA 94522 USA
(925) 798-0896
 (888) 478-SQUS (7787)

Regional Sales

Chicago, IL USA

Honolulu, HI USA

Las Vegas, NV USA

Los Angeles, CA USA

Miami, FL USA

New York City, NY USA

London, UK

Mexico City, Mexico


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Translating Your Customer Service Into Profits!   When You Want to Improve Your Customer Service, TQM, Quality Control, Customer Focus and Building Loyalty With Your Customers.

Your one stop for all your Customer Service Needs

  • Training and Development
  • Service Audits (Mystery Shopping)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Focus Groups
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Measurement

The Service Quality Department
Concord, CA 94522-1063 USA
(925) 798-0896 - (888) 478-SQUS (7787)

The Service Quality Department is a premier customer service consulting and training organization. Our only goal is to improve and differentiate your business through the service you provide to your customers. We can give your business the edge!

When The Service Quality Department was formed in 1990 our basic business premise was simple; provide your business with the tools and training which will allow you to deliver exceptional service at all times. That premise remains today.

Our simple, up front pricing will assure that you'll know exactly the cost of our service. No hidden fees. No extra workbooks or tapes to buy. All of our programs are tailored to each client's specific needs. Of course, all of our programs and services come with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

We offer a full range of services to improve your business's level of customer service including:

Satisfaction Certified® is a comprehensive consumer satisfaction rating program that not only helps you gain customers, but management tools you can use to build customer loyalty!













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